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WXYC Tower Benefit Concert with Spatula, The Cherry Valence, Portastatic, The Comas and Lud

WXYC, UNC-Chapel Hill's student-run station, has been educating listeners through diverse free-form radio for 25 years now. This benefit calls on Triangle listeners to support them in the purchase of a new tower and antenna upgrade which has a sticker price of somewhere in the $25,000 range. The spirit of independent music presented by stations like WXYC and Durham's WXDU is especially important these days, with recent rulings on royalty payments for Internet radio threatening to cripple most college and community stations' electronic (and farther reaching) broadcasting. WXDU's Web streaming was even recently shut down temporarily. (For more info on this topic, please go to:

Stepping up for this cause is a clutch of seasoned local groups, representing the station's home turf in Chapel Hill, as well as Raleigh, and lots of room between, respectively. Sound off: Mac McCaughan and friends in Portastatic, the newly reworked Comas, Lud's shimmering slow-burn rock, James Gang-obsessed wailers The Cherry Valence, and a special reunion of local diverse dilettantes Spatula. Spatula (pictured) stood out in the '90s by merging influences as disparate as klezmer and King Crimson and thankfully dodging categorization through their constant evolution. While you're getting all nostalgic about the decade when the term "post-rock" was thrown around like so many beads at Mardi Gras, you can help return the WXYC to their full operating power. --Chris Toenes

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