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Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib and Egon

Monday, Sept. 16, Cat's Cradle, CarrboroYa know the face your friends make when you play them the original of a sample used in a hip-hop song, or just an incredible old banger? That utter loss of words and open jaws--you can hear the windows cracking open in their minds. Well, that's the case with Egon, who works for the eclectic Stonesthrow label ( The DJ/vinyl collector/man-in-the-know is probably the most respected person in the business of reissues. In a conversation with the Indy, Egon addressed some of his most FAQs.

Indy: When did you buy your first record, and what was it?

Egon: Well, the first hip-hop 12-inch I bought was "Mr. Scarface is Back," from Mr. Scarface, that was like '90 or '91. And then the first soul record I got was Barry White, "I'm Gonna Get Next to You," and that was probably like '94.

You have a well-known collection of 45s.

Not as large as many people, but I got a lot of records that I have been looking for over the past couple of years, so I'm happy with it. I'm always augmenting it, of course.

Why is vinyl so important?

To me, because most of the records I love haven't been reissued. I'm in the business of tracking down a lot of them and putting 'em out again.

You always pay the artists you reissue. How hard is it to find them?

That's something I started a while back. It's sometimes very difficult to locate some of these guys. I mean, you're talking about regional funk musicians, people that put out a 45 in a small city in the Midwest. You're really trying to dig back into history to find-out where these guys are. Maybe you only have a name; maybe you only have a last name. Sometimes you don't even have a first initial. You're really working hard to track these guys down. But by and large I don't believe in doing bootlegs. I only like reissuing music for people that I can find and get permission from. There have been times where I've gotten a hold of people and they said, "We can't work it out; I need more money then this." ... I just have to walk away. Hopefully they'll find somebody.

Egon will be performing at the Cat's Cradle along with fellow obscure-vinyl aficionados Peanut Butter Wolfe and Madlib on Sept. 16. Egon will be spinning some '60s and '70s funk; Peanut Butter Wolfe plays a lot of disco and Brazilian and Madlib goes all over the board. ("He even might play some free jazz," says Egon.) --K8 Erwin

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