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Showing there ain't that much difference between Hank's Lost Highway and Bon Scott's Highway to Hell, bluegrass/rock combo Hayseed-Dixie (say Hayseed-Dixie real fast and slur it a little--get it?) used banjo, fiddle, mandolin and the like to astound both pickers and rockers alike with their souped-up versions of AC/DC classics on their debut disc, A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC. Claiming to hail from Deer Lick Holler, "somewhere in Appalachia," the boys have taken care to broaden their horizons on their latest disc, A Hillbilly Tribute to Love, where'll you'll find old-time music versions of classic rock station staples all relating to, uh, love: Fiddler-lead vocalist Barley Scotch does a damn fine version of The Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl," while the album closes with Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" leading into Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom." They even do that great J. Geils Band number where the poor feller finds out that his angel is a centerfold. (I hate when that happens.) Bring clogging shoes and maybe some earplugs tothe Raleigh's Lincoln Theatre, Thursday, Aug. 22. --Angie Carlson

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