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The Gloria Record, Elf Power and The Gerbils

The Gloria Record is an Austin-based five-piece that features former Durhamite Brian Malone on drums. Their lush, keyboard-rich almost Brit-pop sound is the perfect accompaniment to Athens, Ga., cult faves Elf Power, who emerged from the "second wave" of bands on the Elephant 6 label. Elf Power's latest disc, Creatures, crosses moods and musical genre lines--minimal rock fueled by power chords and dark lyrics yields to strummy, languid indie pop with gentle harmonies and accordion flourishes. Joining core elves Andrew Rieger and Laura Carter (along with drummer Aaron Wegelin and guitar/violinist Adrian Finch) is bassist Neil Golden (formerly of The Glands), with guest appearances by Will Hart and Pete Erchick (ex-Olivia Tremor Control). Carter also runs, a co-op Web store and artists' gallery that's involved with issues ranging from wilderness preservation to putting out records by groups such as Neutral Milk Hotel and The Gerbils, who share the bill. See them this Monday, June 24, at Go! Room 4 in Carrboro.

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