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Nashville Pussy and Nebula

Nashville Pussy's been goin' through them changes, man. First they lost their 6-foot-4-inch, size-D cup, fire-breathing bassist, former Chapel Hill rocker Corey Parks, followed by getting their high-profile major label. But, showing that you can't keep a good bunch of pussy-lovin' rednecks down, the group found another sassy chick bassist and rebounded on Artemis Records with maybe their "best" disc to date, Say Something Nasty. It's part The Nuge (only fitting since that's who inspired their name), part Motorhead, part Brownsville Station, part Skynard and part just good ol' nasty Southern '70s rock, exemplified by songs like "Keep Them Things Away From Me" and "The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out." They even do a dead-on version of one of rock's great guilty pleasure singles, "Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Coo." Best song title: "Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy." Accomplished Cali stoner-rock trio Nebula (spun off of Fu Manchu) make this the perfect gig to get yer balls out. See them at the Cat's Cradle, Friday, May 31.

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