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David Cross with UltraBabyFat

Mr. Show fans rejoice! Not only is a DVD of the astoundingly funny mid-to-late '90s HBO sketch comedy program slated for June release, but co-creator David Cross is in the midst of a nationwide tour with Athens rockers UltraBabyFat. "They come out and play for about 45 minutes or so," says Cross from his home in New York City, "and then I come out right after them, no intermission or pee break of any sort, and do my delicious flagrantos for about an hour and a half." A rock-and-laughs package tour like this (where the rock comes first and the laughs second) has not been attempted since the Bus Boys opened for Eddie Murphy in the early '80s. Is Cross trying to bring back some lost Golden Age of family entertainment? "I am trying desperately to bring back 1983 and its legitimizing of the Grateful Dead 'Neo Hippie Culture," he says. "For me, this was a time when America shed its innocence and instead, cloaked itself in the glorious mantle of ignorance." Cross is excited about taking his act into music venues but is quick to point out one thing that comedy clubs have over their rock and roll counterparts. "You can't order big, overpriced fruity drinks with hilariously wacky names like 'The Headliner' or 'The Richard Pryor On Fire' and then keep the glass as a souvenir at the 'rock clubs,' as you so smugly put it," he answers, tongue firmly in cheek. Get your rock and laugh on Wednesday, May 15, at the Cat's Cradle. Call 967-9053 for details. --Jon Wurster

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