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Bandway with Evolution Baby

Ever wonder what Tenacious D would be like if they used electric guitars and aimed their material higher than crotch level? They might sound and look something like Raleigh's Bandway. Sure, both duos take their chief inspiration from the often unintentionally hilarious world of heavy rock and its trappings, but if you've heard their 1998 debut album Balls Out (OK, so maybe they did fire one below the belt) or seen any of their criminally rare live performances, you know that Bandway's Brooks Carter and Bo Taylor leave the D in the dust. From the AC/DC-derived crunch of "Four Day Weekend" ("Work three days straight, no break/That's what it's like to be employed") to the synth-driven monstrosity that is "Millennium" ("Water, electricity, telephones and natural gas/Are rapidly becoming items of the past"), Bandway are the standard against which all "humorous music" should be measured. Hey, all I can say is that I bow down before any band that can use the word "items" in a song. Wear your cleanest baseball cap and head to Kings Barcade this Saturday, May 11. --Jon Wurster

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