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Guided By Voices with the Bloodthirsty Lovers

In 1999 Guided By Voices hooked up with high-powered semi-major TVT records for what looked like its long-deserved shot at the brass ring. The band rose to the occasion and delivered its two best sounding records to date, but failed to find its way onto the constricted playlists of American overground radio. Long-time fans were left scratching their heads when the band decided to leave TVT, but were soon rejoicing when word came a few weeks ago that they'd re-signed with Matador Records, the label that released most of their key albums in the '90s. At the Cat's Cradle, look for the group (with new drummer Kevin March, formerly of Those Bastard Souls) to play a handful of tunes from their upcoming 19-song disc, Universal Trials and Cycles. And don't forget to congratulate them. Not only did 2001's Isolation Drills land on just about every critic's Top Ten list, their single "Glad Girls" is up for "Pot Song Of The Year" at this year's High Times' Golden Doobie Awards. (You go Nate!) See GBV and The Bloodthirsty Lovers (featuring Dave Shoust from The Grifters) this Tuesday, April 16, at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. Call 967-9053 for details. --Jon Wurster

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