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Plaid, Nobukazu Takemura and Mira Calix

Unpretentious British electronic group Plaid (Ed Handley and Andy Turner) puts out instantly engaging, subtle music where the samples are tasteful, the moods luxurious and the sounds more beguiling--more experimental--than mere "techno." The duo's upcoming show--they're armed with laptops and the like--is a rare chance to "see" an electronic group doing the live performance thing. If you're a fan of the Warped Records stable or electronic music a la Boards of Canada, this is a must-see event. Their most recent CD, Plaid Double Figure, has beautiful guitar arpeggios, Kraut (Kraftwerk-style) beats, retro-synth bass and swelling keyboard lines over vistas of ambient sound. Plaid has an almost soundtrack-esque ability to create a musical picture. Japanese-born Thrill Jockey artist/composer/re-mixer Nobukazu Takemura, who accompanied Tortoise on their last Triangle date (so think Chicago post rock) takes the middle slot. Takemura lists free jazz (Coltrane), hip hop and contemporary composers (as in Cage, Eno) as influences, so he'll fit right in. Opening is Warped artist Mira Calix, a young solo female turntablist/electronic artist with a new CD, Prickle, more experimental and ambient than structured or melodic. The show takes place Wednesday, April 3, at the Cat's Cradle. --Angie Carlson

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