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DJ Spooky and Duke DJs, Capoeira Cooperative and Djembe Ensemble

If a performer is talented and fortunate enough to be heard and seen by many, there is also a time when that artist can teach and promote other artists. Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, is at that point in his career. Miller has a passion for musical experimentation and has developed his own learning method. "I try to figure out historical angles on things. It's one of those strange hobbies that just keeps popping up ... Where did this beat come from? Where did that sound come from? ... stuff like that. It's a record collectors' scene I guess." Known for his work as a musician, writer and visual artist, this renaissance man has remixed everything from Metallica, Michael Franti, Walter Ruttman and The Freight Elevator Quartet (some of Spooky's faves), to Steve Reich and Iannis Xenakis. Miller, via an e-mail interview with the Indy, describes working with Reich (the 1999 Steve Reich Remix Event in Paris) as "mellow." "Steve came over and hung out," he says. "It was fun--it built some bridges between some different situations. Music always tends to break the ice." This Saturday, March 30, DJ Spooky invites a group of Duke University performing acts and DJs, sponsored by Duke's Information Science and Information Studies Program (ISIS) and GRÜV Productions (a student group), to "break the ice." You can experience the kid's talent (both overt and subliminal) live this Saturday, March 30, at the Cat's Cradle, or visit his site at Erwin

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