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The Moldy Peaches with Bats and Mice and All Night

If you haven't heard The Moldy Peaches self-titled folk-punk release yet, you're either in for a treat or you'll be hitting the eject button on your CD player faster than you can say, "wha?" Adam Green and Kimya Dawson's deceptively simple arrangements--their low-fi, low-profiency approach to "music"--seem less like songs than just a backdrop for their potty-mouthed musings, all delivered in childlike, deadpan style that belies the wit (yeah, they're clever alright) and humor of the duo. That is, if you think songs about crack, porn and getting your dick stroked are funny (which, in fact, a lot of people, including critics, do). And they wear costumes: Peter Pan and "bunny rabbit," for starters. Bats and Mice, featuring Ben Davis (ex-Milemarker and now Ben Davis Conspiracy) have a varied new Lovitt Records release, Believe It Mammals, that's slated for an Indy review. (Bats and Mice are also opening for Fugazi this Saturday.) Greensboro's All Night are a heavy, '70s-style guitar band with big amps and a distinctly Southern-rock flavor--they kick it live. Get to the Cat's Cradle early and catch all three acts this Thursday, March 21.

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