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Weezer with Saves the Day and Ozma

Whether you think Weezer's Rivers Cuomo is a faux-pop muso who's developed a secret formula for writing irritatingly catchy songs or you worship at the altar of his studied nerdiness, everyone treated the release of Weezer's eponymous last disc (aka the Green album) as an event. Maybe it's because they had to wait so long; it had been five years since their last release, Pinkerton. Or that Weezer, on their '94 debut, somehow crossed rock and pop boundaries to achieve mass audience appeal (their Spike Jonze-directed, Happy Days-inspired video for "Buddy Holly" sure didn't hurt either). New songs like "Hash Pipe" and "Don't Let Go" are undeniably catchy, even if the band's live volume and arena-ready competence make you wonder if Cuomo couldn't just as easily write the kind of songs that litter Clear Channel Radio's playlists. But what Weezer lacks in heart, it makes up for in taste, and with pop-punk quintet Saves the Day and So-Cal's Ozma, this should be memorable show. Catch 'em at the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena Friday, Feb. 22. --Angie Carlson

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