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Leadfoot, Marat and All Night

Raleigh's Leadfoot are a slammin' guitar band with a heavy, stoner-rock edge, and they take the stage with their d**ks all the way out, metaphorically speaking. While their originals are blisteringly over the top, it's their treatment of '70s glitter rockers Sweet's "(If You Don't Go Down on Me) Someone Else Will" that's the most jaw dropping, maybe because it's so wrong, yet they do it so well. Marat contains Snatches of Pink's Mike Rank on guitar along with vocalist John Enssling (from Teasing the Korean/What Peggy Wants, for you longtime local music followers) doing a glam-rock thing. Also on the bill is All Night, Greensboro's five-piece secret weapon to take over the Triangle rock scene. Bring earplugs and enough money to get all lit up, Rudolph style, to Local 506 this Saturday, Dec. 22. Call 942-5506 for details.

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