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Spaceman 3's Sonic Boom and Spectrum Tour 2001

Truly an event, if you're a worshiper of knob-twisting, pro-psychedelic ambient-landscaper Sonic Boom, aka organist/guitarist and sometime singer Pete Kember. In the late '80s, Spaceman 3 were a massively influential band among fellow musicians, releasing shimmering, nuanced songs that celebrate tones and textures and hypnotic grooves over anything as outdated as a "hook." While Spaceman 3's Jason Pierce is now part of Britain's hugely successful Spiritualized (at least they're huge in Blighty), Kember has pretty much avoided "songs" at all cost (see Spectrum). But now, after a good decade or so, Sonic Boom and Spectrum will be playing the classic Spaceman 3 material, which is as close as you'll ever get to seeing the band whose "official" bootleg release is titled Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To. (Bomp Records, incidently, is reusing such Spaceman classics as the aforementioned album and Playing with Fire.) See them this Friday, Nov. 23, at Local 506 in Chapel Hill.

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