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Fin Fang Foom CD release party

Named after the badass green Marvel Comics dragon ("It started out pretty much as a joke," says guitarist Mike Triplett, laughing about the band's bodacious moniker), angular-rock trio Fin Fang Foom celebrates the release of their Lovitt Records debut full-length, Texture, Structure, and the Condition of Moods. The group moved to the Triangle from Jacksonville, Fla., three years ago to set the local indie rock scene on edge with their tight, post-punk sound; they've got two singles and an EP under their belt. But don't call Fin Fang Foom math rock. As Triplett explains, "We count [drummer Michael Glass is a human metronome], but there's much more to it." (For example, the album features piano on a handful of cuts, courtesy bassist Eddie Sanchez.) The band recently played several high-profile Northeast gigs with Man or Astroman (they're fans) and are now on a "30 shows in 31 days" tour. Check Fin Fang Foom out this Sunday, Nov. 11, at Go! Room 4 Carrboro, along with Engine Down and The Mercury Program.

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