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Flicker Film Festival


Have you got a three-minute film in you? Are you looking for an excuse to pull together a group of friends for a wickedly fun and quite possibly ludicrous day-long adventure? Then the folks at Flicker Festival want to see you this Saturday, ready to make your short epic at their one of a kind moviemaking extravaganza.

For over a decade, the Flicker Film Festival has been promoting the increasingly esoteric art of Super-8 filmmaking as a means of low-budget DIY self-expression. Some of the most intriguing entries in any given screening are made by non-filmmakers, and this Saturday, May 21, the festival will once again encourage all would-be Soderberghs and Scorseses with a return engagement of their popular cinematic hootenanny, "Attack of the 50 Foot Reels."

Participating filmmakers will, in exchange for $12, receive a roll of film and a camera (subject to limited availability) and the charge to make a short film on the theme "Fight the Power." The catch is that no post-editing is allowed: All narratives must be constructed in the camera. That is, the film--assuming that it has a coherent narrative--must be shot in chronological order, with no retakes and no editing. Completed films are due at Saturday night's wrap party, and the results will be unveiled on June 13 at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro.

For more information, contact Flicker director Nicole Triche at 286-9040 or

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