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Trash: The Movie


Nope, this isn't Andy Warhol's Trash. This Trash is homegrown, the product of the Raleigh-based outfit known as Trailer Park Productions. And, just in time for N.C. Pride Weekend, Trash will receive its world premiere this Sunday at the Rialto Theater in Raleigh.

Inspired less by Warhol and more by John Waters (whose latest provocation, A Dirty Shame, is currently playing in multiplexes), Trash follows the aesthetic laid down by Trailer Park's debut effort Camp: The Movie in portraying the South as it really is: a den of trailer-park bound drag queens who will do absolutely anything to triumph in their quest for love, happiness and victory in such clubs as Raleigh's Flex.

As it happens, the owner of Flex is also the head impresario of Trailer Park. Known to all as Brigner, this director's latest film is a tale of strippers traveling through North Carolina in search of money and eternal glory. Those who attended the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in August were able to see some early excerpts from Trash, which consisted chiefly of gross-out fake ads for products like "Revirginate" and "Anal Leak Stoppage Kits." Expect all this and more. And more and more.

Trash: The Movie will play for one show only on Sunday, Oct. 3, 4:30 p.m. at the Rialto Theater in Raleigh. Cocktails will be served.

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