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50 Feet of Good and Evil



Earlier this month on a Saturday morning, 17 local filmmaking amateurs convened in Carrboro. Their mission? To take rolls of Super-8 film, which are 50 feet in length and a little over three minutes in running time, and shoot a narrative on the theme of good and evil. This was step one of what will hopefully become a regular component of Carrboro's Flicker festival programming.

The films made that Saturday were shot "in camera," which means that there would be no editing later on--the film needed to be shot in sequence. The participants were given ten hours to create their films, before returning their film and cameras to organizers (and Flicker mainstays) Jen Ashlock, Ren Velarde and Nicole Triche. A wrap party then commenced, and eleven rolls of film were sent off to the lab for processing.

Now, this Thursday night at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, the results of this day-long guerrilla filmmaking operation will be shown for the first time. No one has seen the films yet, so there doubtless will be some cries of ecstasy and dismay from the assembled artists.

Flicker's 50 Feet of Good & Evil show takes place this Thursday, May 27th at Carrboro's Cat's Cradle, 300 Main St. Showtime is 8:30 p.m., and tickets are $3.

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