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Winged Migration outdoors at the NC Museum of Art



This Friday at 9 p.m., the NC Museum of Art will kick off another summer of cinema al fresco with the very outdoorsy Winged Migration, an art house hit from a year ago. It's hard to imagine a more relaxing evening, in fact, than watching birds taking off, landing and flying around the globe in a series of extraordinary images captured by a French film crew. And it's all birds, birds and more birds, for there's no plot to tax our brains as we lie in the grass, bathed by the summer evening breeze. (One only hopes, however, that the Canadian geese that frequent the museum grounds won't be confused by the film.)

It will also be time to enjoy the waning days of another popular pastime at the Summer Film Series: packing one's own wine and beer to sip with one's cheese and crackers and homemade sandwiches. Starting July 1, all outside alcohol will be banned from the venue. Conveniently enough, wine and beer will be on sale at the concession stands.

Apart from the alcohol policy, little has changed from last year. Once again, the summer's lineup is an appealing, family-friendly but low-sugar regimen. Such multiplex hits as School of Rock, Freaky Friday and Pirates of the Caribbean will be shown alongside slightly edgier titles like Lost in Translation and Rushmore. The lone oldie is Charles Chaplin's 1936 classic Modern Times, and the summer series will end with a not-to-be-missed three night recap of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

2110 Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh. 839-6262, $6, $3 ages 2-12. $40 passes good for 10 admissions.

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