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Insider Screening Club


Movie-lovers who are looking for ways to add a regular element of surprise to their lives might want to check out the Insider Screening Club that is kicking off at Madstone next Wednesday, Feb. 12.

For an annual membership fee of $99, Madstone promises to deliver, every three weeks, exclusive advance screenings of films well in advance of general release. These films will generally be foreign and independents, culled from the festival circuit. After the screenings, Todd Lothery of The News & Observer will moderate discussions.

One of the most appealing (or perhaps unappealing, depending on one's sensibilities) aspects of this club is its "mystery movie" component. The identity of the film will be a closely guarded secret, to be revealed right before the lights go down. So, club members may find themselves watching a three-hour Inuit epic, a sexy French thriller or the latest American independent starring the likes of Parker Posey or Jake Gyllenhaal.

For more information, call Cary's Madstone Theater at 481-4000.

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