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Full Frame at Madstone



The next Full Frame Documentary Festival is two and a half months away, but this weekend, Cary's Madstone Theaters will be screening a program of hits from recent festivals. After the films play this weekend in Cary, the program will hit the road, with stops in Madstone theaters around the country. There are five films in the program, and they will play in repertory through the weekend.

The Two Towns of Jasper, one of last year's prize winners, is a study of the racially motivated murder of a black man in 1998. But this particular film comes with a twist: In what can only be described as a Rashomon-style approach to documentary filmmaking, co-directors Whitney Dow and Marco Williams took two crews--one black and one white--to cover the trials. In an added bonus, Dow and Williams will be on hand to discuss their film, after the 7 p.m. show on Friday and after the 6 p.m. screening on Saturday.

This weekend will also provide an opportunity to see Aviva Kempner's crowd-pleasing The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg. This film is a celebration of a Jewish baseball slugger, a Hall of Famer who hit 331 home runs in an 11-year career, and battled anti-Semitism along the way.

Remember the dot-com boom? It seems so long ago that every college grad had a business plan and millions of dollars of investment capital. Chris Hegedus's follows a couple of ambitious friends, both in their mid-20s, who squander a medium-sized fortune in a matter of months, and wreck their lifelong friendship in the process. By turns amusing and appalling, this film is a definitive record of an era.

Elsewhere in the program there is Davis Guggenheim's The First Year, another of last year's prize winners. This film documents the tribulations of an idealistic teacher's first year in a tough Los Angeles elementary school. Finally, there's Return With Honor, a moving portrait of Vietnam prisoners of war, and their families.

Call Madstone Theater at 481-4000 for more information.

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