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Potluck Film Festival



Are you still dizzy from those digital effects in The Two Towers? Ears still ringing from the gaelic knuckle sandwiches of Gangs of New York? Still working off those pounds from the candy-coated Maid in Manhattan?

If you're ready for a brief respite from this season's multiplex overload, there's a program of films by local filmmakers going on at Durham's Carolina Theatre this Friday. Promoters Neal Sugg and Matt Moore have gathered some of their favorite local films and are presenting them under the scrupulously honest title of "Potluck."

It's their party, so they're showing a few of their films: Chicken Heart, The Man and Kentucky, and Waterfall. We haven't seen 'em, but we hear that Sugg and Moore have a hearty penchant for good ol' boy rowdiness, cutting the grease with considerable drinking humor and affectionately drawn characters that shy away from the unpleasant sociological baggage.

Although it's only tentatively scheduled, another promising excursion into Bible Belt cultural peculiarities is Steve Daniels' Just the Kiss of the Hops. This one, we hear, will be a treat for fans of Sam Raimi (Evil Dead), in his 1970s drive-in heyday, with wacked-out backwoods humor and thrilling camerawork.

Also on the program is Jonathan Campbell's Big White Wall--which created a stir at a Flicker screening last year--an ambitious, gorgeously photographed allegory of one man's emotional distress.

To top it off, local favorites Jim Haverkamp and Brett Ingram will be presenting Armor of God, their wryly sympathetic look at a Christian noise artist. As an added attraction, Ingram will also be showing two of his older, lesser known animated pieces. One, Spent, is an stop-motion satire of the self-improvement racket, scored to music by Geezer Lake. Ingram, a veteran of television tech work, will also be showing Freak Box, his animated look at the television industry as a three-ring circus.

Friday, Jan. 10, 8 p.m. Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St., Durham. 560-3030 or $7.

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