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Djimi and his family manage a small grain farm in rural Chad--a country that has historically been plagued with colonization and civil war. They are a stone's throw from the poverty house and things aren't getting much better, due to a continuing cycle of civil war, the only economy in the struggling country. On a trip from the dispensary to buy medicine for his infant sister, Djimi, his mother and childhood friend Koni, are met with violence that erupts into civil war, when a new autocratic regime imposes a tax on the farmers. Fed up with the neverending cycle and convinced that they can help transform their country, and fight injustice, the youths decide to join the rebel army. A modern day story of Cain and Abel (Djimi and Koni end up on opposing sides of the struggle), director Issa Serge Coelo illustrates a painful journey that questions past realities--war--and makes a plea for future ideals--life. See "Special Showings" for details. --olufunke moses

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