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Minority Report

Minority Report, which director Steven Spielberg describes as his first foray into film noir, is based on a 1954 short story by Phillip K. Dick (whose work has inspired such films as Blade Runner and Total Recall). Tom Cruise stars as head of a federal crime-fighting unit in the year 2054 that uses advanced technology to predict murders and make arrests before crimes actually occur. When the system backfires and identifies Cruise as a future murderer, he must skirt his own unit and prove his innocence. Complete with all the adventure and special effects of most summer blockbusters, the movie is a psychological thriller that hints at ideas of self-determination and predestination, one that will stand above the big budget summertime flicks. As Spielberg put it in a recent New York Times article, "I thought this could be more than just another action movie starring Tom Cruise." See "Opening Friday" for theaters.

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