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Two of director Michael Apted's films premiere this weekend in area theaters. Besides Enough, the Jennifer Lopez thriller opening Friday, the acclaimed director of the 7 Up series also directed Enigma, a film based on Robert Harris' bestselling novel. Adapted for the screen by Tom Stoppard, Enigma is the tale of Britain's World War II success breaking the Nazis' master code--the type of revisioned historical intrigue for which Harris is famous. Dougray Scott plays Tom Jericho, a Cambridge mathematician working in Bletchley Park, the English estate that was the secret center of code-breaking activities during the war. Returning from sabbatical--the result of a nervous breakdown over femme fatale Claire Romilly (Saffron Burrows)--Jericho is set to the task of breaking the code in order to save a convoy of American supply ships under attack. He also finds time to take on the mystery of Romilly's disappearance, aided by the seductively bookish Hester Wallace (Kate Winslet). See "Opening Friday" for theaters.

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