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Big Bad Love

Debra Winger makes her way back into theaters with Big Bad Love, a film based on the writing of Mississippi author Larry Brown. Winger has all but disappeared from the cinema in recent years, but takes this chance to star opposite her real life husband Arliss Howard (who stars, directs and co-wrote the script). Howard plays Leon Barlow, a depressive, alcoholic Vietnam veteran and aspiring writer. Aside from holding a candle for his ex-wife (Winger), most of Barlow's time focuses on his daily trips to the mailbox, sending off piles of manuscripts, and collecting enough rejection letters to wallpaper his bathroom. He is played as a sympathetic ne'er-do-well, lovable enough to be excused for shirking his familial responsibilities (including his two children), until the end of the film, when tragedy strikes and Barlow is forced out of his cynical melancholy. See "Opening Friday" for details.

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