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Death to Smoochy

"We are always looking for movies to take our kids to. This is not that movie," says Danny DeVito, of Death to Smoochy, a dark comedy about the world of children's television. Robin Williams stars as "Rainbow Randolph," reigning king of children's programming, a costumed star with a penthouse, a billboard in Times Square and a weakness for Johnny Walker. When a bribery scandal brings Randolph down, studio executives focus their attention on finding a replacement. Enter Edward Norton as "Smoochy," a fuchsia, Barney-esque character whose earnest, unflagging ethics make him a natural replacement for the studio, and for Randolph's ex-girlfriend (played by Catherine Keener). Homeless and jobless, Rainbow Randolph has plenty of time to plot his revenge and Smoochy's demise. See "Opening Friday" for details.

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