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History Lessons

Barbara Hammer (Dyketactics, Nitrate Kisses) has been exploring lesbian imagery in her films for more than 30 years, juxtaposing images from classroom films, pornography and news clips to create nonlinear montages. In History Lessons, she devises a mock history of lesbian imagery by reworking vintage newsreel footage and juxtaposing it with found clips and old grainy woman-on-woman pornography films. Some images are blatantly reworked--Forrest Gump-style--like footage of Eleanor Roosevelt at a wartime meeting of women's group leaders, which is transformed into a lesbian town hall meeting with a (dubbed) Mrs. Roosevelt proclaiming her right to love anyone she chooses. Duke Screen Society will screen History Lessons along with Richard Fung's My Mother's Place Sunday, March 24. See "Special Showings" for details.

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