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Backbeat: Return of the Black Film Soundtrack

Darrell Stover, director of programs at Durham's Hayti Heritage Center, has assembled an astonishing array of films for the 8th Annual Black Diaspora Film Festival with a series titled Backbeat: Return of the Black Soundtrack. Presented by Hayti Heritage Center, the films will be screened at St. Joseph's Performance Hall. Ranging from classic examples of black cinema such as Michael Camus' Black Orpheus to documentaries on African guitar and hip-hop dee-jaying, the festival ably covers the global black music perspective and provides some damn fine watching in the bargain. It's a chance to take in films ranging from Cooley High, the '75 classic that uses '60s soul music as the soundtrack to the lives of Chicago's Edwin G. Cooley Vocational High School's graduating class, to the Gospel According to Al Green, a look at the how God and gospel music turned the sexy '70s soul icon into the Reverend Al Green. See "Special Showings" for details.

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