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In case you missed Lumumba during its brief run in Triangle theaters last fall, you will have a second chance to see it this week. Directed by Raoul Peck and starring Eriq Ebouaney, the film details the life of legendary African leader Patrice Lumumba. Named "the politico of the bush" by journalists of his day, Lumumba rose rapidly to power, becoming the first democratically elected prime minister when Belgium conceded Congo's independence in 1960. But Lumumba's vision of a free and united Africa gained him powerful enemies: the Belgium authorities, who wanted a more paternal role in their former colony's affairs, and the CIA, who supported Lumumba's former friend, Joseph Mobutu, in order to protect their own upper hand in the Cold War power balance. Lumumba was brutally assassinated in 1961, a mere nine months after he came to power. Peck, who first explored the subject in a 1992 documentary, will be on hand at the screening to discuss his film. See "Special Showings" for details.

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