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How High

Hip-hop artists Redman and Method Man star in How High, a stoner film in the vein of Friday, that takes its title from a tune on the duo's 1999 Blackout CD. The gist of the movie goes something like this: Silas (Method Man) is known as his Staten Island neighborhood's medicine man, prescribing herb-based remedies for everything from flu to impotence. When his best friend Ivory (Chuck Davis) is killed in a freak accident, Silas mixes his ashes with some "special" seeds and grows a beautiful plant. With his new buds in tow, Silas trucks off to take the college entrance exam. Enter Jamal (Redman), just kicked out of his community college and nervous about the exam. Strangely enough, the two become super geniuses as soon as they smoke up, and its off to Harvard they go. As fun as it all sounds, the best thing about How High may be the soundtrack, featuring George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Outkast and Cypress Hill. See "Opening Tuesday" for theaters.

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