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What do you do when your father is a strict Pakistani immigrant and your mum is as English as afternoon tea and the stiff upper lip? That's the dilemma of the seven Khan siblings, whose rebellions propel East is East, a comedy that wowed the Cannes crew last year. Set in the United Kingdom of the 1970s, the flick explores the meeting between traditions and "progress"; the father, George Khan, insists on maintaining his roots but makes a living by running the quintessential British fish-and-chips shop. Though free love is in vogue, some of the disco-hopping Khan boys learn that their enterprising patriarch (played by Om Puri, a veteran of India's glitzy cinema) is arranging marriages for them. How they and their soccer-crazy sister, Meenah, thwart paternal machinations with the help of their English mother is a hilarious lesson in cultural literacy, and methods to handle the well-intentioned meddling of family. See "Opening Friday" for theaters and times. --Cynthia Greenlee

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