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"Movie Projector"

An Honorable Mention winner in the 2001 Independent Poetry Contest



Star me, darling,

I would say,

were I pale, coal-lashed, and gay,

like a movie star with an unforgettable name.

Slinking in my satin,

my pupils are minute,

brilliant, silver, and radial.

They spark from across the room.

The places through which I move, smooth,

linger warm with a taste

of dark spices in the air.

Bare are my moon-dew shoulders,

and I know the decade

like my pretty ankle,

how to slide into a man

when we're dancing.

I communicate

with sighs, my eyes,

the tinkling of my light-splaying earrings:

these are things

one must know.

I glide in lavender.

Even the ripple of my knee,


is promising.

Star me, darling.

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