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Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers' Let's Go to Therapy



It took trial lawyer Monty Warren 30-odd years to get around to rocking and to debut with 2008's punchy Trailer Park Angel. It took him significantly less time to chase it with the better follow-up, the new Let's Go to Therapy.

Though about half of these dozen songs cross the four-minute mark, they're crisply constructed and enthusiastically executed with bar-band vigor, qualities that speak to his prior association with Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin' Team. Warren's got a gift for infectious hooks, and he builds durable sing-song choruses that don't go stale. Most of these tunes are catchy, and more than a third are truly excellent, especially the puckish Nick Lowe-like title track, the New Wave head-bobber "Ain't Got Nothin" and the slow-burning "In the Distance."

The last third of the record flags a tad, but, as it suggests Ray Davies, the soul-rock resurrection ballad "W-O-R-D" salvages Let's Go to Therapy just in time. Speaking of time, the album sounds about three decades too late, as it retroactively bridges the gap between '70s pub rock/power pop and the arrivals of Tom Petty, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello. But it's almost effortlessly enjoyable, a virtue without expiration.

Label: Son of a Pup Music/Swamp Records

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