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Monday, November 5


Campus film festivals
Duke Campus—Actually, Duke's Screen Society is facilitating both a north-of-the-border prgram and a south-of-the-border series. Tonight's week-long Québécois series begins at 7 p.m. with a lesser-known effort by the grand old man himself—Denys Arcand, best known stateside for Decline of the American Empire and The Barbarian Invasions, his literate comedies of sexually befuddled leftist academics. In 2000, however, Arcand made Stardom (the title in French and English), a tale of a small-town beauty who gets whisked off to the conveyor belt of the modern celebrity-making machine. Elsewhere among the week's highlights, director Denis Chouinard will appear in person Wednesday, Nov. 7, with a 35mm print of Délivrez-moi, his 2006 film about a newly released murderer who attempts to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. The Arcand film will be in the Nello L. Teer building, while Chouinard's film will be shown in Griffith Theater. Meanwhile, the XXI Latin American Film Festival 2007, underway since Nov. 1 on a half-dozen area campuses, continues tonight at Duke with Laberintos de la Memoria (Labyrinths of Memory), a new personal documentary by Mexican filmmaker Guita Schyfter, in which she traces not only her own search for her Jewish roots, but a similar quest by a woman of distant Mayan ancestry. This film starts at 7 p.m. in Richard White Lecture Hall, and the director will be present. For more on the Latin American fest, which runs through Nov. 14, visit —David Fellerath

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