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Monday, June 18

  • Tooth

RESERVOIR—Gird yourself for a violent sea of shred, as this trio of local acts smelt the room down to a bubbling ferric pool with their metal-spawned licks. Tooth kicks things off with blistering drop-tuned thrash that lingers, then ramps up to liquefy when they get excited. Colossus are almost a retro act, favoring the clean prog-inflected majesty of classic British metal right down to the goofy Dungeons & Dragons imagery. (Recommended for fans of Maiden and Priest.) Thunderlip's Southern-fried boogie metal will be a nice complement to Lucero on their joint 10-day skatepark tour at the end of the month. They recall the greasy, rock-metal crunch and supple shimmy of Leadfoot, and are prepping for the release of their second album, The Prophecy, in August. The free show begins at 10 p.m.—Chris Parker

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