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Monday, December 10

  • Baila!

VARIOUS VENUES—Monday is the poor stepchild of the week. Named in most Western languages for the moon, this unhappy follower of the day named for the sun never seems to have a good time: We've got Blue Monday, Black Monday and Stormy Monday (and the drug-addled, self-destructive band from Manchester, England, called Happy Mondays only proves the rule). So, it's surprising to learn that Monday nights are a great time to be a dancer in the Triangle—and much of it is likely unencumbered by the social burdens of dancing on a Friday or Saturday. Turn to page 42 in our A&E calendar for a comprehensive list, where you'll discover that Monday opportunities abound for tango, salsa, jitterbug and lindy-hop swing, line and Scottish country dancing. Put on your dancing shoes and shake off the Monday blues. —David Fellerath

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