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Monday, August 13

Projekt Revolution Tour
  • Projekt Revolution Tour

WALNUT CREAK AMPHITHEATRE—It's too easy to hate Guitar (Center) Heroes, Linkin Park. But you've got to hand it to a band willing to toss some of today's biggest arena-packers and smallest club-slayers on bio-diesel buses and truck around the country in the name of spreading "Green" awareness (and, um, hocking their new albums, but mostly "Green" awareness, OK?). While past festivals have been heavy on porn-rock, rap-metal and weed-hop, this year's installment of Projekt Revolution features emo Godlings like Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance. Which is pretty fair, considering the guyliner makeover of Link's latest record, Minutes to Midnight, is a ringing indication of the seachange in mid-'00s pop rock. Bye, bye B-ball jerseys, hello girl jeans and relationship trauma. It starts at 12:45 p.m. for $20-$60.50. —Robbie Mackey

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