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Monday 8.11

  • Photo by Godlis

Richard Lloyd
The Pour House—Another of those essential being-a-rock 'n' roll-fan-in-2008 conundrums: It's been three decades since Richard Lloyd cut Marquee Moon, the stratospheric guitar masterpiece of his New York punk band Television. But tonight, he arrives with the unfortunately named Sufimonkey Trio, a band that plays terribly penned (WTF: "A little action/ Just to get a little bit of traction/ You got too oil it up/ And slide down the pole") roadhouse rock you could hear better at Myrtle Beach Bike Week. But he's playing with Bill Ficca, Television's terrifically taut drummer from that first LP. Half of Television? For $10-$12 at 9 p.m.? Well, you could do worse on a Monday. —Grayson Currin

Correction (Aug. 7, 2008): It's been three decades, not two as originally stated, since Marquee Moon.

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