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Monday 7.20

Jennifer Haigh
  • Jennifer Haigh

Jennifer Haigh

Quail Ridge Books and Music—A two-time PEN Literary Award winner for her novels Mrs. Kimble and Baker Towers, Penn., native Jennifer Haigh returns with her third novel, The Condition. Chronicling the life of a New England family, the book follows the family as it struggles to deal with their only daughter's diagnosis of Turner's syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality that has left her with only one X chromosome and thus prevents her from going through puberty. Fascinated by the idea that "a woman is her body," Haigh explores the repercussions of halted sexual maturity as well as the conventions of female sexuality. The New York Times describes the book as "rare" and declares that Haigh has a "great gift for telling interwoven family stories and doing justice to all the different perspectives they present." I foresee this one in movie theaters by 2011. She will sign her book at 7:30 p.m. Visit for more information. —Belem Destefani

Chapel Hill
Martin Bisi, The Curtains of Night

Local 506—New York producer Martin Bisi opened a recording studio with Bill Laswell and Brian Eno and has recorded artists like John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Sonic Youth and The Dresden Dolls. And with his own boho rock act, his smart, skilled and iconoclastic music has the wide-open feel of an abrasive rock band (remember Live Skull?) as lead by the cool aplomb of a great frontman (Lou Reed perhaps?). His casual, speak-sing style saunters through unfussy compositions. On the title track from new EP, Son of a Gun, Bisi offers to cat-sit before confessing he'll rifle through your drawers for cigarettes. Pay $7 at 9 p.m., and witness titanic metal locals The Curtains of Night. —Chris Parker

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