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Monday 7.06

  • Japandroids

Chapel Hill
Japandroids, Mount Weather

Local 506—Nevermind the cheesecloth portmanteau this Vancouver duo takes as its name or the high levels of hype that have essentially proclaimed Japandroids everybody's next big thing: Just remember that, for all of its one-tone guitar distortion and disco-snap, rock-bottom drumming, the band's full-length debut, Post-Nothing, is the year's quintessential open-road, windows-down, sweaty-seats indie rock record. Ecstatic, vibrant and romantic, Japandroids is like No Age for lovers. Mount Weather, who landed one of the best tracks on Music from The Bain Project and possesses a similar if more spectral affinity for woozy-and-hooky pop, opens. Pay $8 at 9:30 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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