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Monday 6.15


Chapel Hill
Sunset Rubdown

Local 506—What began as a solo project for Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug finally comes into full, five-piece form on Dragonslayer, Krug's third and best LP under the name Sunset Rubdown. Fear not the finesse: The ramshackle charm and insistently winded voice of Krug remain the band's hallmarks, guitars slipping out of tune and delighting in their grit. It's an appropriately slipshod backdrop for Krug's words, fragments of allusion-thick poetry and prose that link together over multiple tracks, albums and bands. In 2006, for instance, Krug sang "All fires have to burn alive to live" with the band Swan Lake, a collaboration with Destroyer's Dan Bejar and Frog Eyes' Carey Mercer. On Dragonslayer, he finally expounds on that ponderous lyric, offering, "So let me hammer this point home: I see us all as lonely fires that have burned alive as long as we remember. ... I am too slow for you. You are a fast explosion and I am the embers." Similarly, Sunset Rubdown might present bustling and basic rock music to which you can move. But the band's best meaning comes through slow, steady immersion, where references to Icarus and Apollo's children eventually meet. It'd be best to get started tonight. Elfin Saddle and Witchies open at 9 p.m. for $10-$12. —Grayson Currin

Matthew LeMay

Regulator Bookshop—Continuum's 33 1/3 series is the coolest thing in music criticism today, a series of pocket-sized paperbacks, of which each analyzes one seminal album from an artist. They even managed to make Celine Dion interesting—no, really. Matthew LeMay, a staff writer for Pitchfork Media, has taken on a particularly difficult task with his book on Elliott Smith's 1998 major-label debut album, XO. LeMay not only analyzes the material, but also presents an argument as to why Smith's work deserves to be analyzed outside of the context of Smith's suicide. The work has received raves from those who knew Smith, and offers a fresh take on a seminal album. LeMay will appear at the Regulator at 7 p.m. for a discussion and signing. For more information, visit or call 286-2700. —Zack Smith

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