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Monday 6.01


The Fundred Dollar Bill Project

Golden Belt Arts—Ever wish you could make a difference by using your crayons? How about making money (literally) with them? Then the Fundred Dollar Bill Project is for you.

Thus partnership with a nonprofit called Operation Paydirt aims to help combat lead pollution in New Orleans soil. The idea is to invite participants to design their own versions of a C-note. Organizers hope to collect 3,000,000 such bills, for an aggregate face value of $300,000,000. This paper will be delivered by veggie-oil powered truck to Washington, D.C., where organizers hope to redeem them for actual funds in that amount. At the Golden Belt, numerous hundred-dollar bills have already been created but there's room for many more. Baskets of blank bills with nearby drawing utensils sit on tables enticing patrons to stop and draw for awhile. Once you finish making your bill, it is placed on the wall, blending into those created previously.

The exhibit is located in Studio 115 of Building 3 and ends June 19. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, see and —Sarah Ewald

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