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Monday 4.13


The Omega Man & Anthony Zerbe
Witherspoon Cinema, N.C. State Campus—Before Will Smith's last-man-on-Earth tale I Am Legend, there was 1971's The Omega Man, which pitted Charlton Heston against an army of plague-mutants who were intent on destroying the remnants of civilization—with help from a lot of black cloaks and sunglasses. The head mutant, Matthias, was played by veteran character actor Anthony Zerbe, who will appear in person to host a special screening of a 35-mm print. Take the opportunity to ask Zerbe about his long and storied career, which includes working with the likes of David Cronenberg (The Dead Zone), the Wachowski Brothers (the Matrix sequels) and such TV series as The Young Riders. You could ask him about playing Ulysses S. Grant and Pontius Pilate, and what he thought of The Simpsons' "The Homega Man." Zerbe will speak after the free screening, which begins at 7 p.m. For more information, visit —Zack Smith

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