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Monday 3.09

Richard Thompson
  • Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
The ArtsCenter—To survey the work of songwriter/ vocalist/ guitar wizard Richard Thompson is to end up with an overstuffed highlight reel—too many emotionally electric moments, not enough tape. There's "Shoot Out the Lights," recorded as his marriage was collapsing and built around a massive, harrowing guitar riff that's as chilling a death knell as has ever been recorded. "From Galway to Graceland" is an astounding character study chronicling a small, quiet life with a big, noisy dream at its core. And at the end of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning," when Thompson cries, "I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome/ Swooping down from heaven to carry me home," you will know the exhilaration of pure freedom even as it comes wrapped in the despair of loss. Thompson's guitar work is never short of inventive, but catch him live to witness the miracle of a single acoustic sounding like a guitar orchestra. This is the second of a two-night stand for Thompson, with the first evening already sold out. The highlights begin at 8 p.m., and tickets are $25. —Rick Cornell

Chapel Hill
Greg Ginn and the Texas Corrugators
The Cave—While a few decades have passed since Black Flag head honcho Greg Ginn turned punk rock on its head, it's still weird to think of such an icon/ iconoclast playing in a jam band. Sure, Ginn's funky instrumental rock group Gone has been fusing its sounds since 1985, and, yes, The Grateful Dead was Ginn's favorite group even back in the Flag years. But this is the guy who created the greatest hardcore band of all time, and now he's drawing major influence from The Disco Biscuits. Well, at least he's good at it. This time around, Ginn serves in both The Texas Corrugators, a cool western swing act, and JamBang, an improv-heavy electro-rock outfit. Awesome Chapel Hill duo Veelee kicks out slightly less jammy jams. The show starts around 10 p.m. and costs $5. —Rich Ivey

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