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Monday 3.03


Chapel Hill
Curtains of Night
The Cave—Carrboro two-piece Curtains of Nights sprays hot metal sparks from six strings and smacked cymbals: Nora Rogers' guitar winds in unexpected times and patterns, its sound peeling from the amp with the edged impact of the sharpened teeth of a big hammer. Lauren Fitzpatrick supplies substantial clatter, but her patient, methodical drumming pushes the high-end through gaps instead of clogging those same spaces. An invigorating addition to the cartel of loud bands that call Carolina home. Showtime is 10 p.m. —Grayson Currin

Debbie Lee Wesselmann
McIntyre's Fine Books—For her second novel, the recently-released Captivity, author Debbie Lee Wesselmann was inspired by a Smithsonian article about primatologists who taught baby chimps to behave like chimps—an article that spurred her to think about how one species could teach another to act like itself. This led to Captivity, a suspenseful, heavily researched novel about escaped chimps and the primatologist who must restore order. The protagonist, Dana Armstrong, is haunted by guilt and tries to make amends in this story of animal rights and the boundaries of love. For more info, visit or call 542-3030. —Megan Stein


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