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Age of Assassins
  • Age of Assassins

Age of Assassins
Griffith Theater, Duke University—One of those hyper-stylized genre films you can imagine Quentin Tarantino re-watching approximately 900 times, 1967's The Age of Assassins is best described as wacky. There's guns, swords, mad scientists, hot girls, weird gadgets, asylum inmates brainwashed as assassins (that's where the Joker got the idea in The Dark Knight!), an Asian ex-Nazi (you heard me), more guns and of course some hand-to-hand combat action. A spoof of the James Bond craze, though the filmmakers might have mistaken "spoof" to mean "complete space madness." There are two kinds of people: Those who will love this type of film, and those who won't. Which are you? For more information, visit —Zack Smith

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