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Monday 1.5

Spider Bags
  • Spider Bags

Chapel Hill
Spider Bags, The Girls Of the Gravitron
The Cave—Chapel Hill's Spider Bags promises a follow-up to its fantastic 2007 debut, A Celebration of Hunger, sometime in the spring of 2009, yet another reason to get excited for local music in the new year (for more, see page 19). Between records, Spider Bags—led by Dan McGee and backed by a massive, rotating pool of local sidemen—seems to have been shaped by the road, its narcotic garage country-rock increasingly warped like the black plastic of a dashboard that's spent too much time soaking up the interstate sunshine. The band alternately reflects the delirium of a binge and the sobering, bleary-eyed return to reality that follows, taking care to note life's humdrum shuffle between those peaks and valleys. While traveling, Spider Bags has made fast friends within the new lo-fi uprising, and—lucky for us—those bands show up here to play with McGee and whoever he's calling a band. Six months ago, it was Titus Andronicus. In December, it was Detroit's slashing-and-sprinting Terrible Twos. Tonight, it's Memphis' Girls of the Gravitron, offering its bright kaleidoscope-colored fuzz at 9 p.m. —Grayson Currin

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