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Monday 1.28


I Shot Andy Warhol at Screen Society
Griffith Film Theater, Duke Campus—A staging of one of the famed Warhol Factory parties occupies the center of Mary Harron's 1996 cinematic recreation of the violent intersection of the Pop artist and a mentally ill drifter named Valerie Solanas. As a Velvet Underground-like band (played by the members of Yo La Tengo) drones on, and the beautiful people get high and get laid, Harron shows Warhol and Solanas sitting together on a couch, the two loneliest people at the party. It's a lovely moment in a very affecting dual portrait. Duke graduate Jared Harris is sensitive and restrained as Warhol, but the riveting Lili Taylor steals the show as Solanas, an embattled but defiant feminist who fights a losing battle for survival. —David Fellerath

The film begins at 7:30 p.m. For more info about the other films in the series and on Harron, who will be a filmmaker in residence this week at Duke's Screen Society, see this week's Film Beat.

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