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Monday 12.29

  • Image courtesy of Mansion 462

Chapel Hill
Open Mic Night
Mansion 462—It's Day Five of the Christmas season. Most of your relatives have gone home, but a few are still occupying your couch or your guest room. Seasonal misanthropy is setting in; there's nothing to do; and staying in the house is most definitely not an option.

This might be the night to check out Mansion 462, which features its weekly program "Open Mic with D.T. & Spoken Word." If you get creative with your suppressed holiday rage, you might be able to squeeze a comedy routine out of it. At worst, you could humiliate yourself in front of your friends and—should they accompany you—your mortified relatives. A program of spoken word acts follows the comedy. Prepare to kill at 6:30 p.m.

Mansion 462 is located at 462 W. Franklin St. and operates as a private club, meaning that you'll need to buy a membership for entry. Its offerings are appealingly eclectic, running from amateur comedy to live jazz and blues shows to televised UNC sports. For more information, visit or call 967-7913. —David Fellerath

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